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Currently setting up to launch the Crown FireTent in spring of 2020.



Yoopertopia GreenhouseTM

May 23rd, 2015 was the grand opening of Partridge Creek Farm, a progressive new community garden within the city of Ishpeming, MI.   After the electricity is hooked up we will erect the Yoopertopia Greenhouse Prototype #2.   I am guaranteeing that we will continue to grow into November at reasonable cost.


Photo taken December 23, 2012

Photo taken December 23, 2012

Yoopertopia GreenhouseTM






Here’s the article about the grand opening of Partridge Creek Farm in the Marquette Mining Journal newspaper.






On 6-12-2013, I planted the newest “Living Tree Art” next to the Marquette Post Office in the center of downtown Marquette, Michigan.  Here are some links:





Over the past four growing seasons, Earl Senchuk proved to successfully grow an outdoor garden for 9-10 months out of the year in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan using one of his inventions titled the “Boomer Bloomer TM” a specialized stand-up or while-seated, heated, raised bed garden.  The normal growing season in the UP of Michigan is only three months.  As the name implies the “Boomer Bloomer” was designed for persons denied the enjoyment of gardening by reason of advancing age or disability.   For ten years, Earl manufactured greenhouses that he sold nationwide through all of the trusted top- named nationally distributed catalogs like Seeds of Change, Territorial Seeds, Charlie’s, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Burpees, Jungs, Plow and Hearth, etc.  With all that he learned, Earl Senchuk designed and built the brand new 16 foot by 20 foot “Yoopertopia Greenhouse” that proved to extend the growing season to year around for anyone living north of the 40th parallel on up to the 49th parallel, the parallel at the level of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  The greenhouse design encloses five Boomer Bloomers.  The exceptionally late planting date, from seed, was on October 20th, 2012.  Proof of video results on YouTube are : – What a “Yoopertopiea Greenhouse”  can take in terms of extraordinary weather.   -What’s going on with the “Boomer Bloomers TM”  inside the “Yoopertopia GreenhouseTM” and how they can create self employment. News article about why it was developed. Local television news coverage.

Earl is currently working with Nathan Giffin of Vertical to set up a Webinar to teach others how to make Living Tree Art.    To join other artisans taking advantage of this “Business-in-a-Box” approach to a totally untapped market opportunity, go to  If you have basic skills as a welder and good artistic ability, click on Art/Living Tree Art to see examples of what you can create to sell in your area.


CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION Honors Top Decorative Concrete Projects

Chicago, October 24, 2011. — Concrete Construction magazine selected Earl Senchuk’s “Central Park of Stephenson” project as the 2011 Decorative Concrete Project of the Year.

 The project turned a rose into a concrete sculpture floating in a pond. Each of the 12 petals and three leaves were individually sculpted using a one-component, shrinkage-compensated, fast-setting, polymer-modified cementitious repair mortar. The pieces were then numbered and fitted into a specially designed denture-like holder. The unique piece measures 54 inches across and features a 120 high-intensity LED light ring, underwater lights, and a pump and fountain head.   The fountain photos can be found in Art/Ceramic and Concrete.


Earl recently got approval to install the latest working prototype of his Rip Cuttent Sensor and Warning System at Picnic Rocks Park in Marquette, Mi.  Stay tuned for updates!


Earl is set up to sell art on Etsy.  Go to


Earl tested the scale model of his Solar Vortex Generator invention.  The solar collector reached a temperature of 178 degrees on an 80 degree day resulting in a positive thrust on the turbine by means of the heated air rising.  Early results are promising.

The new floral fountain for the city park of Stephenson, MI was installed on Friday,  June  17th.   Pictures of the fountain as it currently looks can be seen in the art section under “Ceramic or concrete items.” 




Earl Senchuk

as a working community visual artist who has consistently made an impact in his artistic discipline

Earl will be honored May 13th 5:30 -9:00! 
City of Marquette Arts and Culture Center217 N. Front St.
Let’s all be there and show our support!
Here’s how it appears on Facebook.  

 Latest developments on the Rip Current Sensor and Warning System. (March 21, 2011)

Along with co-inventor, Mike Rucinski, testing and research commenced following  determination of positive results of the patent search.  The inventors were able to control water current in a 260 gallon water tank to a speed above and below 1 foot per second, the beginning speed of a rip current as defined by NOAA.   The newly designed sensor, now more sensitive than ever, reacts with a warning light and temporary sounding siren at the point when the water current reaches 1 ft/sec.  A link to an article written by Eric Hammerstrom appears below in the April issue of the Marquette Monthly.  Proof of performance is tentatively scheduled to show on Discovering with Buck Levasseur on April 4th, 2011.   In that program, Earl and Mike will demonstrate three things:  1.) visible proof of water current at 1 ft/sec.  2.) That the sensor reacts when water current reaches 1 ft/sec with an alarm sound and flashing signal light.  3.)  Plans of how to implement the system at Picnic Rocks Park in Marquette, MI pending official approval of installation.

  •  Read about Earl’s newest invention to prevent drownings at Picnic Rocks.

Along with co-inventor, Mike Rucinski, owner of J & M Hobby RC Sports of Ishpeming, Earl demonstrated  a Rip Current Sensor and Warning System on Monday evening on Discovering with Buck on TV-6 at 7:30 PM.  Th e invention is designed to identify rip and longshore currents as they happen, indicate where they are happening, and signal a warning to beachgoers in real time.  Both inventors are confident the invention will help to prevent future drownings at Picnic Rocks Park in Marquette and elsewhere.   A demonstration of the invention to the Waterfront Task Force was held on January 11th at 7 PM in the Marquette City Hall.    To read the front page article in the Marquette Mining Journal, click on the link below.–sensor–warning-system-shown.html?nav=5006

  • Earl joins the new Zero Degrees Art Gallery on Third Street in Marquette.

Zero Degrees Gallery is an artist co-operative located on Third Street in Marquette, Michigan.   Find out more by visiting the gallery and to see some of Earl’s newest sculptures on display.   The gallery is open seven days a week.   See Earl’s newest works of art in the “Metal Art Gallery” under the title Follow the Leader, A Simple Fire, and Tree Perspective.   Other locations where Earl’s art can be seen and purchased are:

Michigamme Moonshine Gallery in Michigamme, MI

Forsberg Flowers and Zero Degrees Gallery, both on Third Street in Marquette,MI.

  • Fountain for the city park in Stephenson.  January 2010.

Earl recently rented space at KI Sawyer to serve a contract to design and create a floral fountain for the city park of Stephenson, Michigan.  The three foot high, hexagonal fountain will measure eight feet across, point to point.  The center of focus will be a four foot diameter yellow rose featuring a centrally positioned three-tier spray pattern.  Both the rose and fountain shell will be made of concrete.   The fountain is planned for installation in mid to late June, 2011.

Earl is also creating a range of new types of Living Tree Art to be introduced in the spring of 2011.   Now is the time to order for spring!  Order your flower groupings now at A & C Bloomers in Trenary, MI.

                                          Earl Senchuk

The Crown FireTentTM

Currently setting up this product for launch in spring of 2020.