Artist’s Statement

There are no deep, complex words needed to describe the philosophy behind my art. I simply shoot for peoples’ appreciation, if not for the thought that went into a piece, then maybe the degree of difficulty, and sometimes just to get a chuckle or two.  Art is about life and nature. It’s not always beautiful and scenic. I try to cover all sides.

Much of the fun of doing art and inventing is exploring new techniques or mediums that can be used to render concepts from which other variations can be made.

In my interpretation, a piece of art is successful if it causes a person to look closer or linger longer. Like cooking and music, art should have all the ingredients in proper harmony to create a visual flavor the eye wants to enjoy more.  Art should provoke thought and instill curiosity.  The common law is originality.  There is no such thing as good art or bad art.  It’s all good.  Art is about you and how it relates to you.