Yearly Archives: 2014

Tiffany-style light shades in Moody Blue 7

An artist friend wrote to me and said, “I saw a video on lighted Christmas balls made out of chicken wire, and thought these would look cool in your trees for winter…maybe next year..? I thought, why not this year!  I decided to try something different, more on the order of […]

Teaching Living Tree Art at the West Coast Training Class #3 in Lorane, Oregon 9

I love to teach Living Tree Art.  I just didn’t know it yet, that is, until I got to Lorane, Oregon and the West Coast Training Center Class No 3 put on by Nathan Giffin of  What a great experience that started with my stay at a bed and breakfast called […]

Concrete “Wedding Tree” ??? 1

Bob Ross, the famous frizzy haired painter on PBS calls them, “happy accidents.”   It’s when an unplanned move in art creates an unexpected and favorable result. With less than three weeks left to go before my solo art show at Zero Degrees Gallery in Marquette, MI, I was quite disappointed to learn that there […]

The Yoopertopia Growing System™ Prototype 11

This is a 16 foot by 20 foot Yoopertopia “Cell.” It can be used as is or combined with Boomer Bloomers to make up what I call, “The Yoopertopia Growing System.” Together they introduce the concept of “Extreme Gardening.” One Cell allows for “neighborly gardening.” More Cells can be added […]

Living Tree Art Article in Gardens West Magazine 2

The caller identified herself as Shannon McKinnon. She said, “I write for Gardens West Magazine out of British Columbia. I’ve been looking at your website and I’d like to do a story on your inventions and art.” Of course I said yes. Although a bit incredulous at first, I Googled […]